Programming Committee

Kimber Sider (Lead Programmer), Megan De Roover, Shawn Johnston, Vince Masson, Rachel Collins (Children’s Program)

Community Engagement Committee

Jen McCready, Dominica McPherson, Timothy Hunting, Kimberley McCloud, Dawn Matheson, Justine Richardson, Wilma Aalbers, Mira Clarke

Fab Festivals: About the fab five

We are five festivals who came together because we have in common the presentation of contemporary, cutting-edge art in and around the city of Guelph.

  • Guelph Dance Festival (May/June) Established in 1998, Guelph Dance presents an eclectic blend of cutting-edge and experimental works performed On the Stage, In the Park, and On the Street.

  • Hillside Festival (February & July) Started in 1984, this organization runs two festivals and year-round activities focused on indie, aboriginal and world music, drumming, dance, food and workshops.

  • Guelph Jazz Festival (September) Begun in 1994, this festival presents world- class innovative jazz with an accent on creative improvised music.

  • Eden Mills Writers’ Festival (September) Since 1988, this festival presents acclaimed and emerging writers in an idyllic riverbank setting.

  • Guelph Film Festival (November) Established in 1984, this festival showcases issue-focused documentary films with a global perspective.

Each festival offers at least three full days of programming spanning all four seasons, from February to November.

With the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, we were able to create a manual of how we work together to create innovative, culturally diverse, and educational co-productions. We hope that this manual will be useful to other groups and encourage more co-presentations in the future.

Downloadable material: